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Herpes Island & Hump Stories!

Hi Kittens! I have been recapping Bachelor in Paradise on my podcast but will start doing written recaps as well! Here are the past podcast episodes in case you haven't subscribed which you absolutely should do because I need the validation as my therapist is on a 2 week vacation!

This episode Meagan, the author of her own yearbook messages & hump stories helps me recap BIP(from Evelyn's homemade date card to Ashley crying as if she just had a movie marathon of Schindler's' List & The Notebook. We also answer an advice question about dating a DJ & she reads another chapter of her Jon Stamos erotica


On episode 8 my investor/father RJ & I talk about the olympics, Trump,Taylor Swift, his beef with Matt Damon & how he picked my mom up at a funeral


On this episode my mom & I recap the 2nd night of week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, answer some Kitten questions about relationships & how many kids you should have. We also talk about the dramatic experience of being food shamed at O'Charley's


On this episode Nancy & I talk about the Bachelorette finale,Bachelor in Paradise premier & answer some relationship questions from some Kittens!

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Humping,Bullying & Russell Brand


Hi Kittens,

In case you haven't listened to last weeks podcast, please do your ego a favor & do it now. My best friend/fellow comedian/cat owner Meagan tells us how as a child you wrote her own erotica, we share stories of how we were bullied, how Russell Brand called me & how I blew my chance with him by being the most awkward human being alive. But most importantly - how Meagan catfished herself by writing fake messages in her yearbook!

I included the sad yearbook pictures & screenshot of texts from me embarrassing myself with Russell at the bottom for receipts!

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