PO Box for kitten mail

Adderall & Compliments

PO Box 5850 W 3rd St #166

Los Angeles CA 90036


Question about an order? Here's some order FAQ:


Q: Where's my order?

A: On it's way! I do all the ordering, packing, inventory, distribution, blessing, loving, cleansing, shipping, storing, etc etc myself on top of being a single cat mom of 3! Please be patient! If it's been more than 3 weeks and you still haven't had any updates please send me an email at orders@adderallandcompliments.com.


Q: I got a notification that my shipping label has printed, does that mean my order has shipped?

A: No, but hopefully it will soon! I usually do orders in batches so I may print out 50 shipping labels, but then I have to hand write all of the cards for each and every one which can take a little while! If yours is on top of the pile it could go out that day or the next day, or it might take a few days :)