Real Housewives

Real Housewives of PaNOmac


Hi my kittens,

So some of you asked me if I would be doing recaps of Potomac & I just can't. WE can't. No one asked for this Andy Cohen. I know I'm no Allison Dubois but I can already see this being it's one & only season. I think they thought this would be a new version of Real Housewives of Atlanta but it's more like Real Housewives of DC, did you forget that was a franchise? Yeah so did everyone else.

I've had better chemistry with my Uber driver than these women have with each other. It looks like they met each other 5 seconds before the cameras turned on. All of their kitchens are horrifying. This isn't Newlyweds the First Year or Vanderpump Rules, if you're going to be a real housewife get some fucking granite counter tops & decorative lemons in a bowl.

Watching this show makes me feel so out of it, like Kim Richards out of it. I have started each episode twice & I always end up bailing. I don't know if it's because it's so boring or if I'm too distracted by how Melty Tina Knowles looks


How are people supposed to find you behind that mole?


"You is not kind, you is not smart, you show is not important"


Who is wearing a picnic tablecloth as a dress


White people be humpin


I do like her honesty!


I don't know any of their names except for Gizelle aka black Denise Richards


I did like that Gizelle grew bangs half way thru the episode

On top of being boring it's also sad. One is divorced but her & her ex still live together & sleep in the same bed because they can't afford anything else. She had to sell her wedding dress back to the store for half the price, I'm sorry but no one wants to watch REAL housewife problems. I don't watch Real Housewives to see stressed out married couples who are struggling financially, I watch Real Housewives to see rich women throw an elaborate party and then confront each other saying "This wasn't what tonight was supposed to be about! This wasn't the right place or the right time!"

There's one who has the arms of Dwayne the Rock Johnson. She's married but her husband always chooses to stay out of town & they talk like 3 times a week. I'm sorry but you need to give us at least 2 fun seasons before you start unpacking this fake Louis Vuitton baggage on us.

Are you guys watching? Am I just not taking enough Adderall? Wouldn't you rather they just bring Real Housewives of Miami back instead? Or just make a show of Real Maids Of The Real Housewives because that would be way more entertaining! Tell me what you babes think?