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It's All Happening Kit



To quote Scheana Marie's tattoo "It's All Happening!" This last year has been the best year of my life & it's all because of you Kittens. Well you, and my favorite crystals I've been working with. This kit is incredibly personal to me as each of these stones has been very important in my #YearOfAnnabelle

Rainbow Hematite-(Rainbow) Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone of the crystal kingdom. As soon as I hold it I automatically feel like I'm wearing a giant thunder shirt. This is amazing to hold when you're feeling overwhelmed by negativity & other people's energies. When I feel overwhelmed this is my go to. Hematite is grey but this is rainbow titanium which amplifies the energy & is also the color of party confetti that brings me joy each time I look at it. 

Malachite-(green like my eyes) Known as "The Transformation Stone", it helps break unwanted, negative patterns of self doubt & fear. I wear this stone when I need an extra confidence boost for social situations & when I'm performing.   It's an amazing stone for your heart chakra (as all green crystals are). It's also one of the best stones yo use while traveling to calm your nerves. 

Sodalite (Blue) Known as "The Writer's Stone" I would hold a piece of sodalite every time I would write a script for Fashion Police. It stimulates the throat chakra for communication, public speaking & releasing creativity. I have a piece of Sodalite in my bra each time I record a podcast. It's also one of the top crystals recommended for metabolism & will power over cravings.

Lepidolite(lavender) This is the Wellbutrin of the crystal family. It actually has traces of lithium in it which is found in most antidepressants. It has an extremely calming & soothing affect which is why it's the perfect crystal to hold when you feel your anxiety is running away with your brain. 

RAM STONE-Your stone will be a surprise as each one is different-some are rose quartz, black obsidian, goldstone etc so whichever stone you receive in your kit is special to you & what your needs are from the universe. I chose Ram not just to celebrate my Aries magic but also Ram is a very powerful spirit animal totem. Ram totem appears in the midst holding the reigns of a new cycle of personal power opening for you. Ram is the spirit animal of conquest, strength & new beginnings. 

Call on Ram as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to be powerful.
  • You need to be confident in your abilities.
  • You need courage.
  • You need new beginnings.
  • You need assurance in new areas.

Each kit will come with a stick of Palo Santo & an instruction paper of detailed info on each stone & affirmations to go along with them!

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