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Crystal Ball

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Large Citrine Crystal Ball is about 3.5" across and  2lbs 2oz! It comes with a stand with feet. Citrine- (Yellow) Cleanses and energizes. Heightens self-discipline and willpower attracting professional success. Called "The Merchant's Stone" it can be placed in a cash box or drawer, or in the far-left corner AKA the "wealth corner" of the home to attract abundance. 

Baby rose quartz crystal ball is so adorable! It's about 1.75 in. across and is about 3.5 oz.

[SOLD OUT]The medium black obsidian crystal ball weighs 1.5 lbs and is 3.75" high from the bottom of the small stand it comes with. 

[SOLD OUT] The large black obsidian crystal ball weighs over 3lbs and comes with a stand with feet. The ball itself is about 4.5" tall and with the stand is a little over 5" tall.

[sold out] Black Obsidian - is the best stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds, as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone. They will help you to let go of negativity, stress and self doubts or any feelings of anxiety or negativity of any kind as well as protecting you from the energy vampires in your life. I also have a piece in my car with me at all times for protection.

[sold out] This large fluorite crystal ball weighs almost 3lbs!! This magical piece will be a gorgeous center piece to any crystal alter. It comes with a small stand that holds it in place because it's a perfect sphere. From the stand to the top of the crystal ball it's about 4".

[sold out] Fluorite has a wonderful, stabilizing effect on the emotional body, helping one to “think through” one’s feelings when overwhelmed and to allow a coherent pattern to emerge that dissolves confusion, fear of the future, or of making a wrong decision

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