Adderall Necklace


Whoever said the best things in life are free obviously hasn't seen my signature necklace lovingly named after my food. I've worn my necklace everyday for the past 4 months & have never taken it off, so you can imagine how many showers & spray tans it's had to endure and it still hasn't lost any of its shine or color!

I swear to God aka Andy Cohen that I have never received more compliments on a piece of jewelry than I have with this necklace. It's a great conversation starter! At least twice a week a stranger will comment asking where I bought it and now I have an answer for them!

The necklace is gold-plated sterling silver with a 16 inch oval link chain & spring clasp.

They are all packed & ready to go to their new fashionable owners!

Including shipping & handling they are $45  all the proceeds go to helping a wonderful cause, ME! A single cat mom of 3 trying to make their Christmas special so they don't turn to selling catnip on the streets.

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