You had me at "skinny"


Hey Kittens! This weeks podcast is with the gorgeous,genius behind lifestyle brand "The Skinny Confidential" blog & podcast Lauryn Everts. We talk about her being catfished to a Gone Girl/Swim Fan level, how she met her equally gorgeous husband Michael Bosstick in middle school,her favorite beauty product for your skin (it's under $20) & about the first date I was going on as soon as we were done recording with one of her best friends Taylor-who was also in the room while we were recording & talking about him. Not awkward at all.


Go listen & make sure you go subscribe to their podcast "The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast" & go to The Skinny Confidential  for everything you need to make your life more fabulous in beauty,health,business,dating-seriously she's like Niel Patrick Harris she does it all.

Also check out her phone case line on Casetify! I have the "If you're a rich man DM me" & it's honestly my favorite case I've ever had. Not just because it's using power of the secret to attract what I want, but it's shatter proof & easy to get on & off so you don't mess up your nails.