Just like herpes, I'm back!



Hi Kittens!

I first have to apologize, I have completely neglected my online baby, I'm basically the word press Casey Anthony. I know I went missing without a trace, some of you probably thought I had been put in jail for stealing sunglasses in Hawaii or for attempted murder over a certain butt chinned, crossed eyed DJ who looks like if Dobby the Elf & Edward Cullen had a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome. I'm disgusted, and it's not just because I just got done watching an episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. All of you good looking, fabulous people have been kind & loyal enough to come to my blog & leave me the nicest & most validating comments, writing this is the best part of my week. The unintentional hiatus started when  my computer broke & was sent to the Sheldon Cooper-esque socially retarded employees at Genius Bar who held her captive for over a week, then when I got it back my mom & her best friend from high school were visiting me & staying in my guest bedroom- I'm not sure if you have ever baby sat two menopausal stoners who can't figure out the Uber app but it's exhausting. I felt like a single mom having to drive my kids everywhere-but instead of school & soccer practice it was to the marijuana dispensary & to Marie Calendars for their munchies. I then had a Demi Lovato level breakdown about my birthday (don't worry I'm not a cutter, the scars on my arm are just from having 3 cats that I force to hug me)  I was filming a talk show pilot I was cast in  (it's honestly less work to become a real  airplane pilot than it is to try to get one picked up) & I also got a hosting job at AfterBuzz TV, which is my hair idol Maria Menounos' company. SO that has been my past month, I know those are a lot of excuses, I'm basically Brooks Ayers (or "Girth Brooks" as he calls himself) I should have been writing to you because I love knowing that I feel the same way you do about these shows, but I just procrastinated & kept thinking "well I missed last week so it's awkward if I do one now so I'll just wait to do it for next weeks show!" But I promise you I'm back, I even found the Vanderpump Rules reunion recaps in my drafts that I had written & completely forgot about in a carb induced coma or maybe just a contacht high I got from my mom. But anyway, just like glitter & herpes I'm back &  I can't tell you enough how grateful I am that you support me & take the time to read my blog-my Kittens, adderall & compliments are my favorite things in the world-besides myself.

I miss you more than Lindsay Lohann misses her career!