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Bless your heart! Seriously.



Before we spill the sweet tea or more appropriately our mint julep can I just tell you how THRILLED I am that so many of you have started watching Southern Charm!? I'm happier than Patricia in a kaftan after Michael the butler brings her morning martini. Getting people to watch this show was a real grass-roots campaign started my mom & I two years ago, I told everyone about it & tried to push it on them like I was a Mormon & Southern Charm was my Church of Latter-day Saints, I would beg "Please just try it, it will change your life!" After the first season when they had the reunion in the fucking clubhouse my mom & I were worried, having the reunion in the clubhouse is a Bravo kiss of death. I was convinced that was it for the show & they were just going to pretend it never existed like Long Island Princesses or Mother Funders. Thankfully it got a 2nd season but they didn't promote it at all, I wish they would have promoted this show as much as they promote Wacca or the shitty Bravo merchandise they hawk during every episode of Watch What Happens Live (who is buying a Mazel bathrobe!?) I sent so many tweets to Andy after the 2nd season reunion which once again was in the damn clubhouse. How dare my favorite Charlestonians have to sit next to the shotski when they have undoubtedly given us the greatest reality show on tv! I kept tweeting different things -Why didn't you film the reunion at Patricia's house?! How does Married to Medicine get a 2 part reunion in a beautiful soundstage & not them?! Even Below Deck got a soundstage & watching that boat show makes me want to pull a Natalie Wood & drown MYSELF. Finally the wonky eyed king of Bravo tweeted me back "Why does it even matter where it's filmed!?!" I had annoyed him but at least my voice had been heard!  After the 2nd reunion I prayed every night-not for world peace but for Southern Charm to make it to a season 3. Thankfully the power of the Secret worked! I had asked you Kittens to please watch it & give it a chance & I was so happy that so many of you tweeted to me "You got me into Southern Charm!" "How have I not watched this before!?" "After bingeing season 2 On Demand I even went back & bought Season 1 on iTunes!" one of my favorite Kittens @deniseinindy even tweeted me a link to a TV article with the title "Southern Charm ratings soar!" and my heart grew 3 sizes that day.