Real Housewives

Obsession of the Week


Vicki Gunvalson Perfume

V by Vicki Gunvalson- is there any other kind? I’m furious I received a boyfriend pillow for Christmas instead of this! If you haven’t heard my story about receiving a boyfriend pillow from my mom for Jesus' birthday you can listen to the podcast here . I have gone to countless therapists, motivational seminars, crystal healers and hypnotists all in hopes of getting the delusional confidence that most of the Real Housewives have. As far as I know she’s the only twice divorced insurance salesperson with their own fragrance. Out of all the housewives you could smell like, why would you pick Vicki when you could have that fresh from prison smell of Teresa? Or the caburlesque scent of Sonja? Why didn’t she name it after her signature tagline “Woo Hoo” ? Clearly she didn’t have Bethenny Frankel helping her with the branding. The original price is $29.99 but you can get it for a steal on Amazon for only $14.99 but sadly if you want to smell like the OG of the OC in time for your date tomorrow with a man pretending to have cancer sadly you’re out of luck because its not eligible for Amazon Prime :( I am obsessed with the perfumes description quote-

“Envy those women who seem to smell fresh even at the end of an arduous work day? Well, you’re on your way to joining their club. Focusing on long-lasting heart notes,”V” perfume is sure to keep you smelling like the goddess you are all day long. A little goes a very long way.”

A little goes a long way is the best way to describe Vicki in general. I encourage you to go to Amazon to read the full product description & more importantly the 2 1/2 star rating reviews, one of my favorites was quote “It smells like cat piss and castor oil. My grandmother would rater die than wear this. Will be returning!”

I think if you love the smell of Lake Havasu & your daughters resentment this is the scent for you!